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πŸ“ Licensing

Emojipedia is a resource for learning more about emoji which uses images from a variety of platforms in an educational manner to document this fascinating and ever-growing collection of characters.

Emoji licensing is a question which we are often asked. "Can I use emoji images for free?" or "How do I license Apple emojis?" (or other vendors)

Emoji characters displayed on Emojipedia belong to their respective font creators. What you can and cannot do with emoji images varies depending on which images you are looking to use.

How to License Emoji Images

Multiple options exist for licensing emoji images.

Emojipedia is not involved in the licensing of emoji images from any vendors listed on this site.

We do not provide licensing information or services for third party vendors. This includes Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, LG, Twitter, Facebook, EmojiOne and emojidex.

To the best of our knowledge, specific information about licensing emojis from Apple, Facebook, WhatsApp or Samsung is not publicly available.

Additional Notes

Emojipedia creates original images in a glossy Apple-like style for the Emojipedia Sample Image Collection, which you are welcome to use on the web with attribution to Emojipedia πŸ‘

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